OMH Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

The first few days of 2021 brought the COVID-19 vaccine to The Ohio Masonic Homes. All three campuses have received the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccine was administered on all three campuses by Walgreens. All employees as well as many community members were eligible of receive the vaccine. You could feel the excitement when you talked to people. You could hear comments regarding “getting life back to normal again.” The second dose was administered three weeks after individuals received the first dose.
“I’ve seen what COVID can do to a facility, to a family, to a resident and I want to make sure that I do my part to keep myself safe, my family safe. I also want my residents and my staff safe from anything that I may bring back to the campus from my life outside.”

Tony Berardi, SMC President
“I decided to take the vaccine to protect my family, the OMH community members and all of my friends. I think taking the vaccine is going to help us get back to normal, get my son back in school, get the fraternity back in meetings and have some normalcy again.”

Jesse Pertee, Assistant Director of Volunteer Programs for OMHF
"My mom. She has been a nurse for a long time. It made her feel very happy that I could get the vaccine. I’m doing this for my mom.”

Heather T. , Housekeeping at SMC
"I believe in the profession we are the front line and in dentistry we can’t work on anybody with their mouth closed. We are always in very close proximity to our patients so I felt this was definitely what I needed to do.”

Dr. Anthony Hall, SMC dentist

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