It’s okay to ask for help…

For the majority of people it’s hard to ask for help. We think we can handle things on our own until we can’t. We don’t want people to know what’s going on, our personal business, or we are ashamed, etc. I think it takes courage to ask for help. But, there are many people that want to help and that are just waiting to be asked. Being a Mason means that you are blessed with several resources where you can ask for help. Your local Lodge, Grand Lodge, The Valleys, and the OMH Resource Center. We all work together to help those in need. We use our financial assistance programs and connect you with local resources that can help.

A few years ago we worked with Chad Mullins. Chad is a member of Seville Lodge #74. Chad is a disabled veteran that needed help with a home remodel so he wouldn’t have to navigate steps. With donations from Seville and Ebenezer Lodges, his family, the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation, Western Reserve Masonic Community, a contractor that is a Mason and the Resource Center, we were able to accomplish this. The Resource Center was able to get him connected to public resources. When the quarantine began we were able to help Chad to purchase a small freezer to keep food in. Most recently we were able to help him with other needs that were not being met.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. That is what we are here for and helping one another makes this world a better place. Special thanks to Chad for letting us share his story!

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