Ohio’s Oldest and Youngest Worshipful Masters?

In December 2009, Worshipful Brother Harold Potter was installed as Master of Hart’s Grove Lodge, No. 397 (now Triandria, No. 780). He was 99 years old at the time of his installation. MWB Terry Posey, Grand Master, attended WB Potter’s installation and then returned later in the year to help celebrate his 100th birthday. WB Potter is believed to be the oldest Master in Ohio’s history – and yes, he passed his inspection!

But who was Ohio’s youngest Master? It turns out we don’t really know, but here is the story of one possible candidate.

In December 2020, Worshipful Brother Eric Vance Day was installed as Master of South Point Lodge, No. 497. At 22 years old, he is Ohio’s youngest Worshipful Master this year.

WB Day petitioned the Lodge as soon as he turned 19 and after being raised, he advanced from Junior Steward to Worshipful Master in three years. He has two gavels that he uses regularly, one of which was his great grandfather’s and was reportedly made from the historic Logan Elm.

He has many plans for his year as Master. He hopes to hold a Grand Master’s Class, outdoor Master Mason Degree, a spaghetti dinner and some other fundraisers for local charities. In addition, he really wants to lead the Lodge on a long weekend fishing trip at Lake Erie if COVID-19 rules will allow it.

WB Day was asked why he became a Mason. He wrote, “I was curious, and I wanted to have another way to bond with my dad and grandfather and make those memories with them that I had seen them making with each other when I was a kid.” He described one of his early memories, “I remember my father and grandpa reading out of a little book, and I started asking questions. They told me it was a book that I had to earn before I was able to look at it. That really piqued my interest.”

The Grand Lodge does not usually track the ages of its Worshipful Masters, but staff member Darlene Shirk researched the question. She determined that the average age of a worshipful master this year is 51.5 years of age. Currently, there are 28 masters under the age of 30 and twelve over the age of 75. WB Potter’s record seems safe for the moment, but the Grand Lodge would like to know if there has been a Worshipful Master younger than age 22. Please let us know. In the meantime, we are very proud of WB Day and his accomplishments.

Pictured (left to right): Worshipful Brother Harold Potter. Uncle, grandfather, father and WM Vance Day on the date he was raised.

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