Ohio Masons “Step Into the Light” During a National Crisis

Becoming an Ohio Freemason means upholding the values of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth through actions large and small. In response to the national pandemic of the Coronavirus, our brotherhood has put their commitment to caring for their communities across the state of Ohio and the country front and center. Here are three examples of how Lodges and Masons are Stepping Into the Light, a nod to MWB Newton’s theme for 2020.

Many Lodges and members have shared stories during the past few weeks. Many of these examples of kindness, caring, giving, and sharing can be found on the Grand Lodge Facebook page.

Bro. Joe Phoenix (Harding-Concordia Lodge #345) donates PPE supplies across the country
A member of Harding-Concordia Lodge #345, Joe now lives in Houston, Texas and has managed health, safety, and environment for various companies over the years. In this time, he accumulated a supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). After speaking with a family connection that is a nurse in Los Angeles, California, he learned about the desperate need for PPE supplies in the medical community as many healthcare practitioners need to use masks and gloves far longer than their normal protocols specify.

To help protect those working to care for the rest of us during this pandemic, Joe donated his supply of N95 masks and surgical gloves to the nurses. “I urge all brethren to inventory their supplies and see if they have anything that could be used by the brave people on the front line treating those with the COVID-19 disease. Please find a way to get these supplies to those who desperately need them. Do not wait, you may save a life! Thank you, be safe, and God Bless!”

Cincinnati-Lafayette Lodge #483 & their Coronavirus Assistance Program
The Worshipful Master and the Lafayette Escadrille (Lodge members under the age of 50) are offering their assistance for those that find themselves short on food and supplies, are unable to get out on their own, or don’t have family to shop for them. The Brothers are doing the shopping for those who can’t by purchasing $50.00 worth of groceries per person per week. If a person is unable to pay, they may wait until some future date when it is less of a financial burden.

Aurora Lodge #48 observe their 200th Anniversary with a robust telephone call system
To celebrate their 200th anniversary, Aurora Lodge #48 is doubling down on making telephone calls to their Lodge brothers and their families, neighbors, and community members to see how things are going, and to see if help of any kind is needed.

“At Aurora, we can think of no better way to mark the observance than to be there and to reach out for all our Masonic brothers and their families, as well as our community, during this time of uncertainty and confusion,” said Bro. Mike Payton. “We believe it to be not only a Masonic virtue but also a simple act of caring for our fellow man.”

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