Your Ohio Masonic Home RESOURCE CENTER

The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center assists people with finding the clinical, financial, and social services they need to age respectfully. We make referrals and coordinate services with appropriate local agencies and fraternal organizations. Also, we can connect you to information and resources like finding home health care, our Ohio Masonic Home campuses, our trusted partners, medical equipment, products that help you stay in your own home, and offer connection to benefits through the Veterans Administration, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Social Security, and more. We are available to talk over the phone or we can do a home visit and come to you.

Call 877-881-1623 to reach any of the
Ohio Masonic Home campuses or our Resource Center.
We have local coordinators in your area!

The Community Outreach Coordinators work closely with the Lodges in their assigned Districts. In appreciation for the assistance and support provided to the Fraternity, Lodges oftentimes recognize the coordinators in their respective area by way of donations made to The Ohio Masonic Home. On October 1, Highland Lodge #38 invited Melissa Hirn-Pulliam to their meeting to accept a significant donation in her honor to the Resource Center. Not only did the Lodge make a significant monetary donation, but the members of the Lodge donated individually to the Resource Center as well by ‘passing the hat’ during the September meeting. Melissa was overwhelmed by their generosity.

Another example of Lodges “giving back” is Lucasville Lodge’s practice of honoring those members who have passed on. Please see below:

"For several years Lucasville Masonic Lodge No. 465 has been making donations to the OMH In Memory of each of its members that has passed away. Recently, we were informed that we could be more selective as to where and how our donations could be used. We decided that our funds would be best utilized close to home. So we decided to begin earmarking our donations for use by the OMH Resource Center, and in particular the Southern Ohio region in which we are located and served by Melissa Hirn-Pulliam, outreach coordinator."

Jason Throckmorton, PM and Sec., Lucasville Masonic Lodge No. 465

Did you Know?

  • Your local coordinator can come to your Lodge/District meetings and do presentations
  • We have a bereavement program that will connect with widows/widowers
  • We have a volunteer program and are in need of more volunteers
  • We can provide grief support or even help you start a grief support group
  • We have a youth program
  • We can connect you to solutions for your unique situation
  • We help provide information and make referrals based on your clinical, financial or social need
  • We have an Emergency Assistance Program and offer Masonic at-home care financial assistance The Resource Center is funded by the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation

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