You may have heard of the wonderful things your Resource Center Liaisons do for our Masons, their wives and widows, and members of Eastern Star. You might read about a Mason who received services that allowed him to remain in his own home or you might have heard about a widow who is receiving Meals on Wheels to help meet her need for better nutrition. You may have read an article that highlighted the generosity of our volunteers in providing additional support for a client in a nearby facility. You may have heard that a chair lift or a ramp was installed for one of your Lodge brothers, thus preventing him from having to relocate to the home of a family member or to an assisted living facility. All of these highlight the nature of what the Liaisons do every day: coordinate care for our clients.

In order to do this effectively across the state, the Liaisons invest time and energy in developing relationships within the community, learning the resources specific to the areas they each serve. Not all communities offer comparable services, with the rural counties often lacking in the resources found near the cities. On the other hand, the rural communities may offer more personalized services with a more personal touch at times than their counterparts in the larger metropolitan areas. It is the Liaison’s experience and ability to assess the needs of the client that allow us to coordinate assistance specific to the needs of those we serve, matching them with the services available in their communities, where they live. This may be on one of our campuses or in an area where there is no OMH facility.

Not only does the building of relationships throughout the Liaison’s territory benefit the client in receiving the best care available, it also provides another avenue in making sure the masonic fraternity is aware of the assistance available through the OMH Resource Center. It is not unusual for a referral to come from a community partner such as a rehab facility or a home health provider. We recognize the importance of our relationships with the agencies and facilities that help us care for our clients.

In the following articles, we would like to share a few recent success stories with you, as well as thank everyone who helped and continues to help those we serve. Together, we are making a difference.

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