A Message from the Grand Secretary

Brethren and Friends all,

I hope this finds you all enjoying the warmth of summer.

Your Grand Lodge office has been very busy closing the Grand Master’s Restoration Program that ran from April through June, preparing for the upcoming Member Dues Management Program as well as the Annual Communication which is just around the corner.

The 2021 Restoration program was offered through the end of June. Our survey research repeatedly shows that members are suspended each year with no idea they are being suspended. We don’t know if they even received a dues notice. We believe the data to be accurate because the results have been repeated several times over several years. The restoration campaign was offered to reach out to this group. When we did so, we learned:

  • 10% were unreachable because we have bad addresses. This may be one reason they are suspended.
  • About 5% of the total or 402 paid to be restored.
  • Of this group 77% paid by credit card.
  • Convenience is important to our members with a credit card option.
  • Lodge mailings are inconsistent.
Brethren, the responsibility lies with all of us to stay connected with our Lodge and with each other.


To address some of the lessons learned from the restoration process, the Membership Renewal process was developed. Using Grand View functionality, the Grand Lodge office can relieve our Lodge Secretaries of the Dues Notice mailing process and standardize the service at no cost to our Lodges this year. The concept was introduced at the March Secretary Association meeting. During development, we used Zoom calls, phone calls and emails to coordinate common requirements with lodge Secretaries.

2022 Membership Renewal Notices will be prepared for all 69,000 members, by Lodge, by member, based on their individual member profile as defined by their Lodge. At this time, all Lodges have their Dues Configuration data and Charitable Fund giving recommendations updated in Grand View. Your Lodges are ready thanks to the efforts of your Lodge Secretary and their Assistants!

The first communication of the Membership Renewal Notice will be sent using email in the first week of August. Members not receiving the email notice will receive a mailing in September. All members who have not paid their Dues by mid-September will receive a mailing. Remember, yearly membership renewal dues should be paid on or before the Annual meeting of your lodge every November.

A credit card payment option is available through Grand View for members choosing to use it with a convenience fee paid by the member. All monies, both Dues and Charitable Giving, collected through the credit card payment will be distributed to the lodges. Traditional payment options remain as your lodge has in place. We look forward to your reply renewing your membership and commitment to your Lodge as well as your personal masonic journey.

It’s an honor to serve the Grand Lodge of Ohio. The employees are dedicated to you, our customers. Please call on us in the office if we can be of any assistance to you.

It’s a Great Day for Freemasonry!
Keith W. Newton, PGM, Grand Secretary

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