A Message from the Grand Master

Brethren All,

It is Spring, the days are getting longer, and the birds are singing their notes of joy and praise. The pandemic is lessening its grip with use of vaccines and natural immunity, and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The time has come to get the Masonic engine running again.

Have you called the Brethren or Widows of your Lodge just to see how they are doing? Have you set better standards by providing a training/refresher session for the Brethren who serve as candidate mentors to discuss, explain, and train the brethren to coach candidates through either the Principles Proficiency or the Master Craftsman Program? How about a Typewritten Ritual night, Warden's and Deacon's Training, Presumptive Master's Training, More Light Night, Masonic Volunteer Training, or the Grand Master’s Virtual Road Show? There are plenty of things we can do to keep Masonic interest alive and well.

It is my fear that we have had too much idle time during the pandemic, and it is easy to “get out of the habit” of going to Lodge. We need to come up with interesting ways to spark enthusiasm among the membership. We have been operating safely and I have you to thank for that. Inspection season is almost over and during my travels throughout Ohio, even with the time off and diminished participation, I have seen a lot of exemplary degree work.

We still have many interested men wanting to join our craft and I would suggest using the new background check in combination with the “One-Day Class” to facilitate the degree process. This is a great way to perform degrees while doing so safely.

During the summer, be visible in the community by hosting or participating in one new community event or project not done in the previous year. If some of these suggestions sound familiar, they should if you are trying to obtain the Grand Master’s Award.

Brethren, I implore you to keep busy during the summer. There is more to Ohio Masonry than passing your inspection. We have a lot to offer, and you can play a big part in the process if you “Use the Tools!”

Richard A. Dickerscheid
Grand Master

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