A Message from the Grand Master

Brethren All,

I hope you had a great holiday season, spending time with family and friends, whether in-person or virtually. I know these times are forcing us to make hard decisions, but at least we have options which were not available to those in the last wide-spread pandemic in 1918!

There has been a lot of interest in Lady Teri’s and my charity for the year. I would like to give you a little background to our thoughts. In our travels to other Masonic jurisdictions, there were reports in their annual sessions about charities to support Veterans. Although the Grand Lodge of Ohio has had fundraisers for this purpose in the past, I found it striking that we did not have a permanent fund in support of this cause. Lady Teri and I talked about it and agreed that supporting our Veterans and First Responders would be our charity of choice for the year.

In an earlier meeting, I made a motion to create an additional permanent account or fund within the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation for veterans and first responders. This fund would be used for larger purchases and not for individual assistance. Our Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation is already set up well to support an individual, but not necessarily a group or organization. As examples, our Veteran’s Homes may need socks, electrolyte drinks for drug abuse detoxification, or other purchases that are not supplied by normal means. This is the principal purpose of our endeavor and I am looking to “seed” this account so future generations shall benefit from our labors. If you can help, please send your donation to the Grand Lodge Office, and make the check out to the Grand Lodge of Ohio Charitable Foundation with “Veterans & First Responders” in the memo line.

There has also been a lot of interest by those wishing to join our fraternity, both by traditional petitioning and through the Grand View Inquiry process. We have over 1000 men in the queue just waiting to be talked to. Your Lodge Prospect Manager is of critical importance to talk to these potential members. We have work to do Brethren, and possibly great times for the future of our fraternity lie ahead!

I hope you and your family are doing well during these uncertain times. This virus is serious and real, and I can attest to that. By the release of Edict 2021-4, I have provided a way for Lodges by their choice to work in-person or virtually. What we all hope for is the high effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine, especially for those who are the most vulnerable so we can return to normal times. This would be our prayer.


Richard A. Dickerscheid, Grand Master

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