Masonic Volunteer Program Committees Step up to Serve our Communities

Throughout the last few months, while COVID-19 has changed our daily lives and brought about a new normal, our 13 MVP Committees were busy serving our community clients. Necessary changes were made to implement OMH’s protocol requiring PPE and social distancing where applicable. Acting as the arms of our Resource Center, our MVPs made hundreds of calls to check on their Brothers and OES sisters, dropped off prescriptions, food and other needed supplies, and sent cards to let others know they are not alone.

Even while the Fraternity was unable to gather in person, our MVPs creatively opened lines of communication via phone, e-mail and virtual chats. We had volunteers who worked with their local Liaisons to help clients file for unemployment, find pharmacies that would deliver medications, and arranged for virtual visits with loved ones in hospitals and nursing homes. One gentleman in SE Ohio reported that while he was recovering from an illness, Committee Volunteers came and cut his grass without even being asked to do so. This is what it means to be a part of the Masonic Volunteer Program, and the almost 300 volunteers who identify a need and respond to it as best they can. Our volunteers have taken their obligations to heart and we thank them for their service and support.

Despite the pandemic, or perhaps because of it, interest in the Masonic Volunteer Program has grown statewide. We now have 15 of the 25 Districts represented in the program.

If your District is interested in scheduling a training to develop a new committee, please contact DeAnna Kinney, SE Ohio Liaison and Masonic Volunteer Program Coordinator, at 740-262-1974.

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