Masonic Volunteer Program Collaborates with Residential Facilities in SE Ohio

Arthur, a Mason for over 60 years, resides in an assisted living center in Southern Ohio. Due to staffing problems, Arthur was not receiving the care he needed. Utilizing the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center Liaisons in his area, this gentleman was able to improve his care, as well as the services to all the others in his center. Our Liaisons met with the center Director and local Ombudsman, to help change policy and implement new procedures that enhanced the quality of life for Arthur and his neighbors. Volunteers continue to visit Arthur and help monitor the changes as improvements are made.

Paige, an Eastern Star member for 45 years, was living in an independent living facility in SE Ohio when she was put on dialysis. The facility could only assist with transportation once a week, and Paige needed to go three times a week. Our volunteers were able to fill in the gaps, allowing Paige to remain in her apartment. Volunteers are also helping Paige with her grocery shopping.

Terry Way (Harmar 390) is a resident of a Harmar Place, a United Church Homes property in Marietta, Ohio. Due to insurance regulations, Terry can only get restorative physical therapy twice a week, but Terry was determined to exercise on a daily basis to maintain his strength and balance. The Resource Center Liaison was able to connect volunteers with the PT staff for training to work independently with Terry on exercises he could do on his own time, with assistance. Four volunteers are going on a regular basis to visit and exercise with Terry. This enhances his quality of life and Terry now looks forward to his activities. Volunteers also helped Terry hang pictures and Masonic memorabilia in his room to make it feel like home. Liaison, DeAnna Kinney, works closely with Social Worker, Amanda Stotts of Harmar Place, to coordinate services for Terry and make sure he gets the best care available.

After visiting Harmar Place, our volunteers were able to identify two other Masons residing there! The gentlemen were unaware of their neighbors’ Masonic affiliation until the volunteers introduced them. Volunteers now visit all three gentlemen who also now spend time with each other. The Resource Center has an excellent partnership with Harmar Place staff, allowing our Masons to utilize their excellent services. As part of their intake process at Harmar Place, Amanda asks new residents if they have any Masonic affiliation so that we can follow up on any additional needs.

Resource Center Liaisons are available all around the state to advocate for our Masons, wives, widows and Eastern Stars wherever they reside! One simple, toll-free phone call will lead to answers to all your aging questions, needs and concerns.

Call our Resource Center at 877-881-1623 for further information or to make a referral.

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