Masonic Reddit

Freemasonry has found its way onto Reddit, the aggregate media website. Reddit has individual sections called subreddits or subs where particular communities and topics can be discussed. With nearly 10,000 subscribers, r/freemasonry is one of the larger Masonic forums, outside of Facebook. The community is diverse with Masons from across the globe, interested non-Masons, Masonic spouses, Co-Masons and the occasional conspiracy theorist. The subreddit occasionally scopes Chris Hodapp with breaking news and other luminaries frequently visit. There are other Masonic groups such as r/yorkrite, r/scottishrite, r/shrine, r/demolay, and r/iorg (Rainbow girls). There are even private sections for esoteric talks and a book club. Ohio is well represented on r/freemasonry and there have even been two meet ups with more scheduled. Stop by at reddit.com/r/freemasonry and see for yourself.

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