Masonic Moonlight Journey Completed

Brother Rich Jones of Aurora Lodge No. 48 has booked over fifty two hours of drive tim e and covered 2,600 miles in his visitation of all thirteen of Ohio’s remaining Moonlight Lodges.

Brother Jones began his journey on June 21, 2016 when he visited Western Sun Lodge No. 91 in Wheelersburg, Ohio. He completed it on April 11, 2017 when he visited Doric Lodge No. 172 in Beaverton.

The other Moonlight Lodges are Clermont Social No. 29, Leesburg No. 78, Montgomery No. 94, Thrall No. 170, Snow No. 193, Waterloo No. 532, Masterton No. 429, Portland No. 366, Unionport No. 333, Stafford No. 300, and Lockbourne No. 232.

Several years ago, the Grand Secretary’s office began issuing a certificate called the Masonic Moonlight Journey. Its purpose is to encourage Brethren to visit the thirteen Ohio Lodges that kept the old tradition of meeting by the light of the full moon. Travel by night in the days before paved roads and automobiles was treacherous, so Lodges met during the full moon in order to have as much traveling light as possible.

“Every man, whether he be a Mason or not, will usually have some kind of bucket list and mine…well one item was the Masonic Moonlight Journey,” explained Brother Jones. “The Brethren I’ve had the pleasure and honor of meeting has exceeded my expectations. I’ve met many Past Masters, District Deputy Grand Masters, Grand Lodge Officers, and Masons who just enjoy being with other Brothers. I would encourage anyone who would have the time and resources to make the moonlight journey. It is time consuming but well worth the ef fort!”

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