Local Patriot Award for 2021

Submit your recommendation to your District Deputy Grand Master.

Grand Master Rich Dickerscheid has retired the Community Service Award for this year and replaced it with the Local Patriot Award. This Award will be given in each of Ohio’s 25 districts during their Grand Master’s Reception.

The Grand Master wrote:
I have always enjoyed studying history and the way it impacts our lives today. Historical events include the sacrifices made by those who have and those who continue to serve. This would include our Military and First Responders. This year I have chosen to recognize these great men and women during our Grand Master Receptions by bringing back an award called the “Local Patriot Award”. When MWB Eric R. “Rick” Schau instituted this in the 2018 receptions, I was inspired by the awardees and their stories. Let their story and history not be forgotten.

It is not necessary that the recipient of the Local Patriot Award be a Mason, and it is expected that the recipients may be any person, male or female, regardless of race, creed or color, who have distinguished themselves through their Military Service (or Safety/First Responder Service). Preference should be given to persons who have received a military or civil government award. For example: Medal of Honor, Military Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, former POW, etc.

The District Deputies are charged with the responsibility of selecting the recipient for their district. If you know of a worthy local patriot, please submit his or her name to your District Deputies with enough information that they can make a selection.

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