Our Investments Are Producing Returns For Ohio Freemasonry!

Dear Brethren,

It is with great excitement I share with you the success of our investment in our beloved fraternity. I share because it inspires me to work harder knowing we are making a difference and I hope it inspires you too.

This is Ohio Freemasonry, our public awareness campaign, is producing hundreds of inquiries through our recently redesigned website freemason.com. Most Worshipful Brother Kaylor has done a fantastic job sorting the prospective members and assigning them to districts throughout the state, and our Lodges are working to engage these men in their desire to become Freemasons.

In the first four Grand Master’s classes, we have raised nearly 350 new Master Masons. It’s fantastic to think about this trend continuing throughout the remainder of the classes. There are thirteen more opportunities with the last class occurring on September 21st, so there is still time to replace yourself. Thanks in part to the energy level of Ohio Freemasonry, our public awareness campaign and your commitment to the Craft, it’s great to witness this success. Our challenge now is to keep them engaged and teach them to apply the principals of Freemasonry to their everyday lives, genuinely allowing them to live as a Freemason.

It’s heart-warming to see Ohio Freemasons engaging in their communities. The Grand Lodge Officers and I recently attended the annual Northern Light Lodge #40 breakfast supporting the Kidney Foundation for Northwest Ohio. Over the years the Lodge has raised more than $170,000 of financial support (see the full article on pages 4 & 5). In other areas throughout the state, brethren and their Lodges are increasing their support of their communities.

Due to your generous donations and increased engagement with school officials, I am happy to report we have scheduled nearly a dozen Masonic Model Student Assistance Programs around the state. We have numerous opportunities scheduled with schools to make presentations and thank you for getting this program into the hands of Ohio’s schools. Special thanks to our state coordinator, Tim Larimore, for his investment in MMSAP. Please continue to talk with your local school officials about this incredible opportunity to bring professional training to your school paid for by Ohio Freemasons.

The Royal Scofield Society, an educational honor society for the Craft, has launched thanks to our Committee on Education and Information. Many brethren have worked countless hours to create the content and make the program a success. We have named our new society in memory of Most Worshipful Brother Royal C. Scofield, Past Grand Master 1972-73, who was a dominant force in Masonic Education for more than fifty years. I look forward to our inaugural celebration this fall in Marietta.

I offer my sincere gratitude for your steadfastness to our call to action to INVEST! You are an inspiration to my soul. I look forward to seeing you along the journey.

Keep investing – it’s paying dividends!

Jess N. Raines, Grand Master

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