Honoring Community Moments at The Ohio Masonic Home

No one on any of the three Ohio Masonic Home communities had any idea what life was going to be like and how their lives would change when in mid-March everyone was told to shelter in place, basically stay at home. If you live in a life plan community, will that be different than living in my own home and being told to stay home and only leave for absolute necessities? Community members really didn’t know what to expect. The leadership, like leadership and scientists around the globe, were learning as they went along, and responding with rapid-fire decision-making of great magnitude.

You are probably thinking this had to be terrible and very lonely, even frightening, but some of our community members might tell you differently. Faith Garrison could tell you how exciting it was to celebrate her 100th birthday. She can tell you about the beautiful birthday cake and all of her family members that attended. Now you are thinking, they couldn’t attend, no one was allowed in the building. The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation has put tablets in the hands of hundreds of our community members across all of the campuses. That’s how Faith’s family was able to attend attended. She talked to them and could see the excitement on their faces and they could see that their mother/grandmother was doing great and celebrating her birthday in style. Birthday stories just like this one were told over and over on all three campuses.

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives forever, and technology is ensuring that every moment in life can be honored with meaning. The same tablets that unite families around celebrations also help bring peace and comfort in saying a final goodbye during unprecedented times. Not only were tablets provided to our community members, they were provided to families in other facilities to make sure that connection remains strong. From that “connection” was born the campaign “OMH Together, Powering the Connection,” an effort to ensure all community members have access to a tablet. For more information or to help grow this connection, visit the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation website www.theomhfoundaton.org/connection.

Change can be difficult for everyone, especially for the more senior population. Making sure there is not a feeling of isolation becomes a part of the everyday care provided by staff for brightening each day. The Life Enrichment Teams across all three campuses are never short on ideas. At SMC, community members may be serenaded by music in their hallways, or they may be sharing the stories of how they met their spouse. On another day you might find someone sharing the cases of Girl Scout cookies that were donated. And let’s not forget Wally the robot that was seen walking down the hall. Wally put smiles on everyone’s’ faces.

At BMC, community members may be watching a Color Run outside their window or watching a parade go through their community. BMC loves their parades and parades come with all different themes. We certainly can’t forget the Easter Bunny that hopped through BMC. On another day you might find someone showing up or bringing donuts to everyone. Who can resist a sweet treat anytime of the day?

Some days, community members at WRMC may be celebrating National Iced Tea Day, or National Donut Day, or even National Strawberry Day. And let’s not forget The Great WRMC T-shirt Toss. That put a smile on everyone’s face as they danced in the halls. Over the past few months all of our campuses have received an outpouring of support from our local communities reaching out to donate PPE supplies, gifts, and say thank you to our healthcare heroes and our community members.

In the midst of all the fun, employees at all three campuses remain vigilant and focused on safety, preparation and response to COVID-19. Robert Lane, Corporate Director of Procurement is helping with that. Rob shared, “At The Ohio Masonic Home we are very grateful for fantastic relationships with our core suppliers. Also, because of our reputation in the industry, we were able to create many new relationships that gave us access to additional protective products. Along with great suppliers we have an internal supply chain team that is 100% focused on making sure our front-line staff have all the tools they need.” Thanks to Rob’s hard work and that of his team, no employee has to worry about whether they have the appropriate protective tools they need.

Now, what makes our community members feel safe? Is it the care that they receive, the meals that they enjoy every day or the cleanliness of their rooms? Scott Buchanan, CEO for The Ohio Masonic Home commented, “I am so proud of our team. Every member, across all three campuses has stepped up to make sure that community members’ needs are always met.” To help guide resident care during these unusual times, The Ohio Masonic Home invited members to complete a national industry survey. We were honored to be rated above the national average in all 15 areas that were scored. We want to express our thanks to those community members who participated in the survey.”

In the ongoing fight to protect its community members and staff, The Ohio Masonic Home is taking proactive measures and testing every employee for COVID-19 at its three campuses. It can be safely said that all of The Ohio Masonic Home campuses are prepared should cases be identified and will follow its pandemic plan. This includes contact tracing, isolation and rigorous disinfecting to ensure the continued safety of community members and staff.

Over the past few months our campuses have received an outpouring of support from our local communities reaching out to donate PPE supplies, gifts, and say thank you to our healthcare heroes and our community members.

Our employees would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to Amy and the following groups for sponsoring WRMC Employee Appreciation Week!

  • Medina Lodge #58
  • Medina OES #266
  • Wadsworth Lodge #385
  • Relief Lodge#284
  • Chris Lightner
  • Jim Zemancik
  • Stoney City OES #325
  • Linc & Carolyn Jerome
  • Victory Lodge #649
  • Shreve Chapter OES #496
  • District 3 2020 WM#s#WP#s
  • John & Amy Young
  • Anonymous
  • Widows Sons Sublime Principles
  • Bruce & Karen Anspach
  • 20th District Association
  • KindlyUS
  • Staff of OMHF

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