As you read this fall edition of the Beacon you have probably identified the theme as thankfulness/giving back. Although we often dedicate this issue during the holiday season to such a worthy topic, we feel it is important to let you know that we are filled with gratitude 365 days a year. You see, we have incredible employees serving amazing individuals blessed by the support of generous volunteers and donors. To put it in the words of MWB Keith W. Newton as he delivered one of his first speeches as our newest Grand Master: “Wow! How does any one person deserve so many blessings?” Yes, this too is how we feel at the Ohio Masonic Home! We recognize that our organization is uniquely positioned to both receive and share God’s blessings. We are humbled by this responsibility and we give thanks.

We are grateful for the matriarchs of our great fraternity and the wisdom they share.

We are grateful for our nearly 600 employees who are dedicated to serving those in our care.

We are grateful for the individuals that choose to come Home and live on one of our campuses.

We are grateful for those in need who have the courage to both ask for help and allow us to serve.

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