Having Fun During Grand Lodge Travels

The progressive Grand Lodge officers and their ladies travel the state for eight years while in office, and over time, traditions have developed while on the road. One of these “traditions” is a visit to Taggert’s Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant in Canton, Ohio, for the “Kitchen Sink Degree.”

The Kitchen Sink is an ice cream concoction, billed as “everything you always wanted. Two scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice creams; hot fudge, marshmallow, strawberry and caramel toppings; covered with pecans, whipped cream, ground nuts and a cherry.”

Anyone who can eat their entire kitchen sink earns a special lapel pin from the 21st Masonic District and MWB Jim Easterling. This year, the Grand Lodge officers and their ladies visited Taggert’s in August once the COVID-19 restrictions eased. Several new pins were earned, but RWB Steve Grindle (pictured below) remains the Kitchen Sink Champion for another year, finishing his kitchen sink in less than four minutes. A fun time was had by all… and yes, it is a lot of ice cream!

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