Fulfilling the Mission in the New Year

Dear Brethren,

I hope this message finds you and your family well as we enter the New Year. We are off to a busy start as we continue on our path to be a provider and employer of choice and increase our outreach through the Resource Center.

Over the course of the past 3 years, we have continued to see the Resource Center grow and change the lives of our Brethren. Since early 2017, we have fielded over 4,600 cases, served over 2,500 individuals across the state outside the scope of our campus based services, and provided over $10 million in charity. Through the work of our Liaisons, we are now able to provide coverage across the State of Ohio.

In addition to our Liaisons, we continue to build our network of Masonic Volunteer Program committees as well as our Ambassadors to help spread the word. In July of 2018, we began a concerted effort in conjunction with MWB Keith Newton to provide assistance to our Masonic widows with our Widows Outreach Program. Since then, we have worked with Lodges across the state to build a database of nearly 1,900 individuals with outreach to over 286 widows and widowers. Working in collaboration with the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation, The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center continues to be an integral partner in assisting the Foundation in providing services to those in need. It is our Mission to be the Living Expression of our Masonic Values and our Resource Center is living that every day.

In January, Steve Petitjean, Executive Director of The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation and I traveled to Florida with our Grand Master M.W.B. Keith Newton, his Lady Sharon and other members of the Grand Lodge to host the 23rd annual Grand Master Receptions. The receptions are a great way to start off the New Year, and allow us to stay connected with our Brethren, their wives, and friends who reside in Florida full or part-time. The events are currently held in Bradenton, Ft. Meyers, and The Villages and graciously hosted by MWB George Braatz and his Lady Marilyn, MWB Steve Krekus and his Lady Carol, and Brother Jerry Hatton, respectively. We would like to thank each of our hosts for their hospitality and continued support. Click here to enjoy a photo collage of the trip.

Our beloved home has gone through many changes throughout the years, and will continue to evolve well into the future to serve our Brethren, their families, our residents, our staff, and the community.

Brother Scott Buchanan
CEO, The Ohio Masonic Home

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