The Front Porch – Ohio’s Own Masonic Podcast

The Front Porch Masonic Podcast is a downloadable audio show produced by two brothers from Ohio. The name comes from the Porch of King Solomon’s Temple, because a podcast can’t enter the Sanctum Sanctorum. The show focuses mainly on education and discussions about the state of the Fraternity. Education ranges from reading articles on symbolism and history to book reviews, as well as interviews with topic experts. Discussions are meant to delve into current problems and solutions, and to capture what Masons are talking about for the historical record. Past shows have included book reviews, interviews with Masons and non-Masons, poetry, history, symbolism, and like all grumpy Past Masters, complaining. You can find them on Facebook, Stitcher, iTunes or on https://frontporchpodcast357.libsyn.com/ or you can email them at frontporchpodcast357@gmail.com.

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