Foresight – Dedication – Generosity: A Legacy of Caring

We recently received a Legacy Gift that will positively benefit the lives of our community members. It made us take a moment and reflect on the word – legacy. What does it mean?

Legacy is both things you leave behind and things you want to bring into the future. Lives are shaped by lessons learned from those who have gone before. You have memories and values that you carry with you now, and hope to pass on to future generations.

The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation is listening to the voices from our past – learning from their lessons of Foresight, Dedication and Generosity. These words have guided the Home through the years, and they guide us still today.

This year has certainly been a difficult one. Such times allow you to stretch and see how you will meet challenges. The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation is committed to meeting the needs of those we serve across the state, regardless of what else is going on in the world.

Our Life Enrichment teams are in overdrive, bringing creative genius, and delivering special moments and events to our community members on a regular basis.

Your generosity has provided tablets to our community members and given them the opportunity to connect with their loved ones on a regular basis. And you gave a grieving family, living in multiple states, the ultimate gift – the opportunity to say goodbye virtually to a loved one as he took his last breath.

Through Foresight, Dedication and Generosity we bring a legacy of caring, and you are at the heart of it. For this we say, thank you!

If you’d like to help continue this legacy, please visit www.justgiving.com/campaign/Foresight-Dedication-Generosity-2020

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