Family Matters

Allen Hill retired from the US Coast Guard, and in 2016 moved to Browning Masonic Community (BMC) in Waterville, Ohio. He took pride in being an active community member and Masonic Volunteer. Mr. Hill found joy in visiting his spouse at a neighboring facility where she resided receiving nursing care. BMC has Independent Living and a Memory Care unit called Pathways. In addition, he had access to Rubicon Lodge where Mr. Hill would meet regularly prior to the pandemic.

As a result of visitation being on hold due to the 2020 regulations put in place through the CDC, we provided Mr. Hill with an electronic device through a program implemented called Breezie to coordinate virtual face-to-face visits with his wife who is also an Eastern Star. As time continued and distance grew greater Mr. Hill wanted the experience of an even closer connection to family.

Family matters and increased socialization is a pertinent part in promoting positive health and wellness. He informed the Community Outreach Coordinator and Jennifer Rill (BMC Business Office Manager) that he had family near our Western Reserve campus that also had a Skilled Nursing unit, and through support from Jennifer and the OMH Foundation, Raquel Brown (OMH Resource Center Community Outreach Coordinator) and Mark Harris (OMH Foundation) were able to get Mr. Hill assistance to relocate both Mr. Hill and his spouse to our Western Reserve Masonic Community in Medina, Ohio.

It is now that Mr. Hill is able to regularly visit Mrs. Hill, participate in activities on campus together, and they are within close proximity to their grandchildren.

Pictures (left to right): Mark Harris, Allen Hill, Raquel Brown

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