Changes to the Boards

As we transition from 2018 to 2019, we would like to recognize some changes on the Ohio Masonic Home Parent and Foundation Boards of Trustees. We would like to thank the following Brethren for their many years of service and numerous contributions to the success of the organization:

Kermit Zimmerman, Secretary of the OMH Parent Board
David Freeman, OMH Parent and OMH Foundation Boards
Terry L. DeVassie, Chairman of the OMH Foundation Board
Thomas Schuck, OMH Foundation Board
Dr. Richard Herr, Treasurer of the OMH Foundation Board

Just as these Brothers prepare to take on their next challenges, the following have graciously accepted their appointment in support of your Ohio Masonic Home. Please help us welcome these recently appointed members:

Ronald Hart, OMH Parent Board
Gerald Pugh, OMH Parent Board
Randy Williams, Chairman of the OMH Foundation Board
Martin Trent, OMH Foundation Board
Terry Posey, OMH Foundation Board
Michael Kalbfleisch, OMH Foundation Board
Raymond Fosnot, OMH Foundation Board

We look forward to partnering with all of you on a spectacular 2019!

Please review the complete list of the Board Trustees and offer these individuals your support. These Brothers graciously give of their time and talents to provide leadership and guidance to the Home. The Home could not be as effective nor efficient without generous individuals willing to give of their time.

Ohio Masonic Home Parent Board
Ross Black, II, M.D., 2nd Vice Chairman
David Collins
Ronald Connelly, Chairman
Steven Duncan
Ronald Hart
Clarence “Jack” Hartzell, III, Secretary
Dennis Hughes
Donald Losasso, 1st Vice Chairman
Gary Nicholson, M.D.
Gerald Pugh
Thomas Schuck
William Stratton
Thomas Thinnes, Treasurer
Kevin Todd
Gary Williams, M.D.

Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Board
Richard Ballard
Raymond Fosnot
Eric Gillett
Clyde Huddleston, Sr
Michael Kalbfleisch
Howard Laudermilk
David “Dee” Mowry
Terry Posey
Gregory Snead, Secretary
Martin Trent
Randy Williams, Chairman
James Williamson, Treasurer

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