A Challenging Year Brings New Opportunities

The year 2020 will definitely be a one to remember. While many of us will recall the challenges that were imposed on us, 2020 also brought Springfield Masonic Community many great things that will serve as a springboard for 2021. Many opportunities were found to embark upon which allowed for us to stay socially connected in a safe environment. This past year, we launched a virtual platform for all of our lifelong learning classes. This allowed for us to continue broadening many educational horizons along with extending our outreach for new instructors. Not only did we find a new way to provide premium lifelong learning classes in the comfort of their homes, but we also found a new way to continue our community events and social gatherings. This was done by streaming our church services, virtual happy hours, and many other socially distant activities! Additionally, with the aid of The OMH Foundation, we provided free tablets to all community members. This helped them stay connected with their loves ones and allow them to continue to do the things that they love. Although 2020 will be unforgettable, we look forward to this next year with optimism for what’s yet to come!

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