Calling All Veterans

The Grand Lodge invites all military veterans to add their service histories to their Grand Lodge Membership Record in Grand View. It is an easy-to-do, self-service operation.

  1. Go to Freemason.com and pick Members on the top right blue menu bar
  2. Select Member Center or for more help pick “visit our blog” for step-by-step instructions
  3. (If new profile) Select Member Registration on the top right blue menu bar
  4. You will need to know your member number of your permanent dues card
  5. Once signed in, select My Profile
  6. Select and complete the form for Military Service
  7. While on your profile, check to make sure we have your email address. At this time, an email is the most cost-effective way to communicate with our membership. It allows us to hold the line on member’s dues while making sure you stay connected to your Lodge and Grand Lodge.

  8. The Grand Master and Grand Lodge of Ohio is proud of every member who answered the call to serve his country. We owe our freedom to the women and men of the armed forces and recognize that they and their families often pay a hard price for their service. We would like to keep a record of all who have served.

    The camaraderie found in military units and that found in the Lodge are sometimes described as similar. A Master Mason who understands the 5 Points of Fellowship will always have his Brother’s back. It is a form of trust that cannot be purchased. It must be understood through shared experiences and then earned by action. The Grand Lodge invites every Masonic veteran to set up his Grand View account and record his service history.

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