A Brother’s Moonlight Journey

In days of old, when street lights were few and headlights had not yet been invented, many rural Lodges met according to the light of the Moon so that members traveling at night could safely see their way home. Today twelve Ohio Lodges still honor the old lunar tradition.

Brother Gene Bitler has completed this Masonic Moonlight Journey. He journey started visiting Thrall Lodge #170 in Fredericktown, Ohio on 21 Aug 2018 and finished at Western Sun Lodge #91 in Wheelersburg, Ohio on 18 Dec 2018.

Through his attendance in another Brother’s Lodge he was able to reinterpret his understanding of Freemasonry, but more than that, visiting helped him to see that the most elegant and simple social and physical structures, are probably the ones, which hold the greatest truth.

Brother Bitler witnessed numerous degree work, proficiencies, awards, installations and past Masters night. Visiting another Lodge offered much more than this, it provided him an opportunity to exchange ideas, to achieve a better understanding of the ceremony, and to make a fuller, more complete sense of the ritual.

Brother Bitler encourages anyone who has the time and resources to embark on this journey. It takes a lot of planning but is well worth the effort.

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