A Life of Service

If Rodger Baughman lives a life of service, it is most certainly due to the influence of his late father, Loren “Sam” Baughman (pictured below), a firefighter and a Mason from Peerless Lodge #591 in Crooksville. Sam instilled in his son a desire to give: to his family, his Lodge and his community. With a career in law enforcement, firefighting and years as an investigator with Children’s Services, Rodger is no stranger to tough situations. Facing his own crisis of a cancer diagnosis this year, he took what he learned from his professional training and the tenacity he inherited from his father and, along with his loving wife, Crystal, made some difficult decisions. They cut expenses, changed their lifestyle and adapted to Rodger’s inability to continue in a job he held for 20 years. With the help of their Liaison, DeAnna Kinney, who coordinated assistance from local agencies, the Resource Center, Peerless Lodge and the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation, the Baughmans were able to make it through surgeries, cancer treatments and the stress that comes with such an intense ordeal.

When DeAnna first met Rodger, he spoke at length about his love and admiration for his father and gathered strength from the memories he shared. He joined Peerless Lodge in 1983 and was able to share in that fraternal bond with his father until he passed in February of 2000. Both were also active in the Valley of Cambridge AASR. Both placed high importance on helping others and living a life of service.

Rodger is doing well now and hopes to be medically cleared to seek a part time job later this month. After receiving services from the Resource Center, and building a professional relationship with their Liaison, Rodger and Crystal decided they wanted to give back by joining the Masonic Volunteer Program Committee in the 13th District. A volunteer training was done in their home, and the couple will now be working with Liaison, Melissa Hirn-Pulliam, to connect by phone with clients who may need a bit of support or some friendly conversation. Rodger and Crystal plan to become more active as Rodger gets back to full health. With his new lease on life and a positive attitude, he is walking daily and even going back to a few breakfasts at his Lodge in Crooksville. Rodger will be a welcome addition to the 13th District MVP Committee.

The Masonic Volunteer Program now has active Committees in 15 of the 25 Masonic districts with close to 300 volunteers. If you are interested in joining one of the existing MVP Committees or in starting a Committee in your district, please call DeAnna Kinney at 740-262-1974. A small group training can be arranged or a training can be done via phone. The Resource Center welcomes your support.

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