A Letter from the CEO

Greetings Brethren,

This time of year has always been a favorite of mine. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approaching, I oftentimes use the days ahead for moments of reflection. Reflection on not only what I am grateful and thankful for in my personal life, but also my professional life here at the Ohio Masonic Home. These first few months of serving as the CEO of the Ohio Masonic Home have been some of the most special in my life, and the support I have received from the Fraternity and the Brethren I have had the pleasure of speaking with, is truly incomparable. For that I say, “thanks” and know that not a day goes by when I am not beholden to be part of this great organization and Fraternity.

Fall is also a great time of change. The leaves change their colors, the temperatures get a little cooler and the days get shorter and shorter. With this change in the seasons, I am reminded of the change that our own Home has endured over the years. Always committed to our Masonic Obligation to serve worthy, distressed Ohio Master Masons, their wives, widows and orphans, the Ohio Masonic Home has continually evolved to meet the needs of this great Fraternity. That evolution continues today with the Home becoming a true “aging services” organization, and I am committed to changing our services as the needs of the Fraternity change.

With our ability to change and adapt, we must also adopt a true sense of agility, adapting the resources we provide to our constituency based on the continuous assessment of their changing needs. Our Masonic Obligation is truly the conduit to serve Masons today and into the future, and that same Obligation is what guides us through our day to day operations. We are serving more Masons than ever before and, through our ability to evolve and change, I am happy to report that your Ohio Masonic Home is on solid ground as we approach our 125th Anniversary in 2017.

As we head into the holidays and embrace happy times with friends and family, please also remember that unfortunately the holidays are a difficult time for those who have lost loved ones or do not have any family of which to speak. Please keep our residents in your thoughts and consider organizing a trip to one of our campuses to visit with them. We are thankful for the support of the Fraternity, without which many Brethren, their wives, widows and orphans may not receive the care and support they need.

I wish you and yours the best of health and happiness throughout the holiday season, and would like to express my own personal gratitude to this great Fraternity and to you, my Brothers.

Brother Scott Buchanan, CEO
Ohio Masonic Home

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