A Gift Of Music

The Reflection Room at Springfield Masonic Community is a lovely space filled with books and stained glass. Connecting the York Rite and Scottish Rite buildings, the Reflection Room is now home to a beautiful 1923 Chickering player piano, donated by villa resident, Neal Kissell (Rising Sun Lodge No. 22).

Seven years ago, Neal, who has been rebuilding pipe organs since 1964, decided to try something new and attempt to refurbish a player piano. After some searching, he located one on eBay and although the former owners were unable to relate any of the instrument’s history, Neal purchased it and had it shipped to his home in California where the project began. The piano, which now works wonderfully thanks to Neal, came to Springfield Masonic Community with Neal in 2012. He soon realized that the volume of the instrument was overpowering inside his villa and the piano sat silent for five years. In 201 5, when the old chapel was transformed into the Reflection Room, Neal saw the perfect opportunity to share the piano with the rest of campus. The piano now sits in the northwest corner of the Reflection Room where it can be played and enjoyed by all.

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