Monthly Archives: August 2017

Springfield Masonic Community Enters New Golf Partnership!

Tucked away off the beaten path in Springfield on the grounds of a former horse farm lies the Windy Knoll Golf Club. Brian Huntley ASGCA (formerly of Arthur Hills) designed the links-style course, incorporating characteristics of the original farm. Established in 2001 and updated in 2013 Windy Knoll features beautiful grounds, striking equine sculptures, water…
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OMH Print Shop Announces Commemorative Aprons

Just in time for Grand Lodge, the OMH Print Shop is now taking orders for their 2017-2018 Commemorative Apron, a new and exciting annual release. This custom-designed apron features original art printed onto a sturdy, double-layer, white apron with unique buckle and pocket in the back. This apron would serve as a wonderful decorative piece…
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Masonic Reddit

Freemasonry has found its way onto Reddit, the aggregate media website. Reddit has individual sections called subreddits or subs where particular communities and topics can be discussed. With nearly 10,000 subscribers, r/freemasonry is one of the larger Masonic forums, outside of Facebook. The community is diverse with Masons from across the globe, interested non-Masons, Masonic…
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Ohio Statehouse Honors 300th Anniversary

On June 21st, both the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives adopted special resolutions recognizing the 300th anniversary of the premier Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge of Ohio and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio as its worthy decedents. Senator Troy Balderson, a member of Hubbard Lodge No. 220, and…
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