Monthly Archives: August 2017

The Front Porch – Ohio’s Own Masonic Podcast

The Front Porch Masonic Podcast is a downloadable audio show produced by two brothers from Ohio. The name comes from the Porch of King Solomon’s Temple, because a podcast can’t enter the Sanctum Sanctorum. The show focuses mainly on education and discussions about the state of the Fraternity. Education ranges from reading articles on symbolism…
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Timeless Wisdom Chapter of the Philalethes

Have you been in search of more light in Masonry and wonder where like-minded Brothers gather for discussion? One of the groups that welcome your attendance and opinion is the local Philalethes Chapter, named Timeless Wisdom, based in northeast Ohio. The Greek word Philalethes means "lover of truth". In 1928, the Philalethes Society was founded…
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The Home’s Resident Artists

Virginia (Benedict) Miller of Springfield Masonic Community began painting in 1973. After experimenting with oils and acrylics on her own for a while she began taking classes, eager to learn and continue improving. It’s easy to see why her art has been commissioned by individuals and corporations alike as her paintings leave you wanting to…
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