Monthly Archives: August 2015

Journey of a Lifetime

Western Reserve Masonic Community resident, Steven Dinin believes that the journey lasts a lifetime. He continues to pursue interests in computers and technologies, actively participating in SeniorNet; an organization bringing technology access and education to adults ages 50 and up in an effort to enrich their lives and enable them to share their wisdom. This…
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WWII Masonic Artifacts Uncovered

The Grand Lodge Museum recently received a package from Brother Tim Baird, the son of Worshipful Brother James Baird, who was already a Freemason when he served in the Pacific Theater during WWII.  The package contained a number of items pertaining to Square & Compass (Masonic) clubs that were started in the Pacific Theater at…
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Findlay Lodge: Bears for Hugging

The Brethren of Findlay Lodge have begun to supply Sir Koff-A-Lot teddy bears to the Blanchard Valley Health System as their latest community service project. For patients recovering from surgery, even something as simple as coughing can be problematic.   The Sir Koff-A-Lott bear was developed by two cardiovascular surgeons to assist patients during post-operative respiratory…
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Cornerstone Healthcare: An Interview

So what is Cornerstone? What is its mission? Well, basically Cornerstone encompasses home and community based services. This includes home health, which is typically paid for by an insurance company or medicare, and provides a nurse or a physical/occupational therapist to come in to the home to get a person back on their feet. Helpings…
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