Monthly Archives: June 2014

OMH Alumni Reunion set for September 2014

Few things exemplify the Masonic ideals of Care, Compassion and Concern more than the sixty years the Ohio Masonic Home served as a safe haven to nearly 750 children in need of a loving home. Not a traditional orphanage, the Ohio Masonic Home offered shelter, care and kindness to sons and daughters of Masons who…
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Masonic Aging Resource Center

The Masonic Aging Resource Center is the one-call way to obtain products and services that will enhance health and independence, and will help provide a positive aging experience. It is based simply on the idea of “aging where you want and how you want.” Leading the Resource Center is Paula Bourne, the President of Masonic…
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Spring brings changes to OMH!

by Tom Stofac, OMH CEO “We respect and honor the committed brethren who have come before us and the legacy of service and quality they left us.” Winter changes to spring and now we look to summer. Once again a change of season is upon us. As sure as we live and breathe we know…
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Freemasonry….A Timeless Treasure

by Grand Master Norman J. Mick Our forefathers designed the most fruitful treasures for us,  treasures that date back to the days of King Solomon and perhaps before.  These are the things that we can actually see. Others are of the heart, pure faith and what we believe.  Those treasures that we not only hold…
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