Monthly Archives: August 2013

Masonic Lodges now eligible for Property Tax Exemption

Property owned or occupied by qualifying fraternal orders such as Masonic lodges were made eligible for exemption from property taxes when Governor Kasich signed the new biennial budget. “This is a major financial boost to our lodges,” explained Grand Secretary Michael Watson, “and it should enable them to continue practicing the tenets of Brotherly love,…
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Mike Jackson recognized for work with Vietnam Vets

Brother Mike Jackson has been awarded the Grand Lodge of Ohio’s Rufus Putnam Award for his work to recognize veterans of the Vietnam War.  Jackson is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with 23 years of service, including 210 combat missions in Vietnam.  His work for veterans began with his retirement in 1991. Jackson…
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Masons at Perry County Fair

Members of the 13th Masonic District, which includes Perry County, manned a Masonic information booth during the Perry County Fair for the first time this year.  Their goal was to reach out to the public and to help people better understand the fraternity. Information about Freemasonry, its charities, brotherhood opportunities and the various related organizations…
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Brother Kurt Muncy falls in service to his country

Brother Kurt Muncy was working as an international police advisor in Kabul, Afghanistan when he and a dozen others were killed during a suicide bomb attack on July 2.  Hundreds of Preble Country residents lined the streets in Eaton, Ohio to honor his sacrifice when his remains were returned under escort. His Masonic funeral services…
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