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Current News

Local Lodges Promote 300th Anniversary

The Grand Secretary, MWB C. Michael Watson has shared a promotional news release with all Ohio Lodge secretaries as a ...
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300th Anniversary Galas

Each of the 25 Masonic Districts in Ohio will hold a gala on June 24, 2017 to celebrate the 300th ...
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Alembic Lodge No. 793 Learns How The Sausage is Made

Members of Alembic Lodge No. 793, a petitioner, a prospective member, and special guests had a great time taking a ...
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You Did It!

Through generous donations made by residents, family and friends to the Aging Respectfully fund of the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, ...
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Florida GM Reception Wrap-Up

In January, Grand Master, Brother Doug Kaylor, visited our Ohio Brethren living in Florida. He, along with other Grand Line ...
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Forest City Lodge No. 388 Hosts Annual Brotherhood Night

It is a time honored tradition of Forest City Lodge in suburban Cleveland to host an annual brotherhood night. Members ...
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A Handbook for Twenty-First Century Gentlemen

George Washington's Rules for Freemasons in Life and Lodge (www.macoy.com) Long before social concepts like political correctness or civility, formal ...
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Festival Green Clubhouse at Springfield Masonic Community

The solution for meetings, gatherings and special events. May be reserved by all individuals, including Lodges, organizations, employers and more! ...
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Ohio Lodge of Research Feasts with SMC Residents

The Ohio Lodge of Research held its January meeting as a Lodge of Table Instruction on the campus of the ...
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The Ohio Masonic Home Celebrates the Feast of St. John

Each year, just after Christmas, the Freemasons of Ohio celebrate the Feast of St. John the Evangelist. The Feast serves ...
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The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center Shows Support for Brothers and Widows

The Ohio Masonic Resource Center is equipped to help with a wide variety of problems, from large to small. If ...
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The Springfield Daily Gazette

An original copy of the Springfield Daily Gazette article, which hangs in the Bushnell lobby, covering the Cornerstone dedication ceremony ...
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The Wood Shop of Western Reserve

Nearly every morning, the Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC) Wood Shop is filled with the sounds of saws and hammers ...
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Masonic Organizations Must Register with Secretary of State

The Grand Secretary, MWB C. Michael Watson, has informed all lodge secretaries that due to changes in the Federal and ...
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Restoration Project at the Ohio Masonic Home – Update!

The cost to restore a window is $8,000. This figure includes removing the window, cleaning and repair in the studio ...
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